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Sourabh Suhas Diwan

Associate Professor

Email: sdiwan[at]iisc.ac.in
Office Phone Number: +91-80-22932423
Lab Phone Number: +91-80-22933045
Office Room Number: AE213



B.E. (Mechanical Engg.): Walchand College of Engineering Sangli, 2002.
MSc Engg. (Aerospace Engg.): Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, 2005.
PhD (Aerospace Engg.): Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, 2009.


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore, (2009-2012).
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Imperial College London, (2012-2016).

Research Interests

  • Experimental aerodynamics
  • Bypass transition in boundary layers
  • Turbulent flows
  • Hydrodynamic stability
  • Atmospheric flows


Post-doctoral Research Fellow:

Date: 21/11/2020

Opening for a post-doc position to work on DNS of COVID-19 related flows

Applications are invited for the position of a post-doctoral research fellow, to work on a project entitled “Direct numerical simulation of cough/sneeze/speech flows for understanding transmission dynamics of COVID-19-type infections”. This is a multi-institutional project involving researchers from IISc-Bengaluru, ICTS-TIFR-Bengaluru, JNCASR-Bengaluru and Nordita (KTH)- Stockholm. For more details, see https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s41403-020-00106-w

The project involves

  • To carry out direct numerical simulations (DNS) for cough/sneeze/speech flows using an available code, on a supercomputer housed at one of these institutes.
  • To modify the existing code to include the dynamics of individual liquid droplets, including gravitational settling and phase change, and to parallelize the modified code.
  • To carry out a study on the computed results to improve our understanding of these flows, and to develop physics-based models.

Required qualifications/skills are as follows:

  • PhD in Mechanical/Aerospace/Chemical Engineering or in Physics with the PhD topic being in computational and theoretical fluid dynamics.
  • Strong understanding of fluid dynamics, turbulence and moist thermodynamics.
  • Good expertise in numerical programming, code parallelization and running codes on a supercomputer.
  • Strong publication record.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.

The Postdoctoral Fellow will be expected to make independent and rapid progress.

Those interested are encouraged to apply to the Raman Post-doc program at IISc (https://iisc.ac.in/post-docs/) or the ICTS post-doctoral fellowship program (https://www.icts.res.in/academic/postdoctoral-fellowships). These fellowships are highly competitive and only outstanding candidates will be considered.

For informal queries on the position and the project, contact Dr. Sourabh S. Diwan (sdiwan@iisc.ac.in) / Prof Rama Govindarajan (rama@icts.res.in).

Research Statement

This will be updated soon.



Current Projects

  • ARDB project on “Development of probes for highly-resolved measurement of pressure fluctuations in transitional and turbulent flows”. (Jan 2019 – Jan 2021).
  • SERB Early Career Research Award for the project entitled “Manipulation of wall turbulence by external forcing for investigating mechanisms causing surface friction drag on transport vehicles”. (March 2019- March 2022).
  • ISRO-IISc Space Technology Cell project on “Wall pressure spectrum beneath a turbulent boundary layer: measurement and semi-empirical modelling”. (April 2019 – March 2021).
  • DST project as part of the National Centre for Clean-coal Research and Development at the ICER, IISc, Bangalore (PI: Prof Pradeep Datta, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IISc). Co-investigator in Work Package 2 “Heat Exchange Relevant to Supercritical Fluid Power Plants”  (November 2018 – November 2023).
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PhD students: 

Abhishek Tyagi

Aditya Anand

Amey Agharkar (jointly with Prof Pramod Kumar, ME)

Robin Joseph

Rohit Singhal

Satyajit DE

Srinivas Kirthy K (jointly with Prof. O. N. Ramesh, AE)



Project Associates:

I. Sai Eswar (ARDB project)

Chandan Kumar A. (SERB project)

B K Suhas (ISRO-STC project)

Post-doc Associates:


Dr Samson Annapu Reddy


Dr P Phani Kumar