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AE Faculty Supervisors List: August 2022 Admission


  • Research supervisors for admitted students will be determined during the first two weeks of August 2022, after meeting and discussing with them. Based on the preferences of both students and faculty, the research supervisors will be finalized.
  • A student who has been selected by a particular committee can select only from those members of the faculty who are part of that discipline.
  • A member of the faculty cannot accept more than two, new, regular (full-time) research students.
  • The following faculty would like to accept research students into their group during January 2022. However, the number of faculty listed here is NOT indicative of the number of students to be admitted to the department this year.


Aerodynamics Propulsion Structures  Controls
Jagadeesh Gopalan Sivakumar D Vivekanand Dabade Ashwini Ratnoo
Arvind Balan Irfan Mulla S B Kandagal R Padhi
Kartik Venkatraman C Oommen G Narayana Naik  


AE Chairperson