IISc Bangalore

S. B. Kandagal

Principal Research Scientist
Email: ksb[at]iisc.ac.in
Office Phone Number: +91-80-22933018
Lab Phone Number: +91-80-22933151
Office Room Number: AE031
Lab Room Number : AE009



Ph.D,  Indian Institute of Science (2005)
M.Tech, NITK, Suratkal (1992 )
B.E,  NITK, Suratkal (1989)

Research Interests

  • Structural mechanics, Vibration and noise control, Smart Structures,
  • Experimental Modal analysis, structural optimization of Mechanical systems
  • Energy Harvesting with Piezoceramics (PZTs)
  • Courses offered:
  • AE260 (Jan)Modal analysis : Theory and Applications
  • AE261(Aug) Structural Vibration Control

Research Statement

  • Structural mechanics, Vibration and noise control, smart structures,
  • Experimental Modal analysis, structural optimization of Mechanical systems
  • Deicing  with Piezoceramics (PZTs)
  • Energy harvesting with PZT patches

Current Projects

  1. Expert advice on technical audit of Noise characterization of 15 kW Electric Vehicle motor
  2. Studies on Noise characteristics of DTL pump
  3. Design verification of indigenous 18 m Antenna


  1. Design of Scaled Dynamic similarity model of 26 m TDEM
  2. Structural analysis and design optimization of 8’x8’x8’x8′ box culvert
  3. Design Analysis of PTO system with GE IN 56 Engine
  1. Akshyay Ranjan Patak and Kandagal S B.. Dynamic Characterization of Composite Liner-less Tank with Geodesic-Isostrain Dome Contour. Malayasian Journal of Composite Science and Manufacturing. 11. 1. 1-18. doi: https://doi.org/10.37934/mjcsm.11.1.118. 2023
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Total Students : 32  [ PhD:2,      MSc(Engg):1,        ME:27+2]

Current Students

32. Sunil Kumar Yadav (2022-24, ME)

31. Sujay Kumar Bit (2022-24, ME)

Past Students

30. Sibi K(2023, ME), Data-Driven Bearing Fault Diagnosis: Leveraging Deep learning Models for Accurate Analysis of Real-time Datasets.

29. Nandakumar Abbigeri (2022, ME), Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis of Rolling Element Bearing using AI and ML Techniques

28. Harish N (2022, ME), Studies on methods to Enhance energy harvesting with PZT materials

27. Akshay Ranjan Pathak (2022, ME), Structural Response of Linerless Composite Tank with different Dome contours

26. Nitin Attri (2020, ME) Development of Automated three axis hot-wire directional calibration rig

25. Navaneeth Gopinath (2020, ME) Studies on Dynamic Performance of AMAD Gearbox used in Fighter Aircrafts

24. S Satish Kumar (2019, PhD), Role of Self Recirculating casing treatment on axial compressor and its aeroelastic behaviour

23. Bhuvaneshwr Prasad (2019, ME)Studies on Dynamic stiffness Application in structural condition health monitoring

22. Rishi Kaushik (2019, ME) Characterization of Parametric resonances in rotating beams

21. Iqbal Singh Thakur, (2018, ME) Studies on Human ride comfort performance evaluation with passive and active vibration absorbers

20.Versha Gagan (2018, MSc(Engg)),Two problems on the Parametric resonances and bifurcations in  rotating beams

19. P Shiva Shankar (2017, PhD), Analytical modelling and non-linear characterization of piezoelectric materials for actuation and vibration control of beam.

18. Sumeet Kumar (2017, ME) Studies on modal parameter sensitivity variation in typical satellite vibration test

17. Chinmay KR Rajhans, (2017,ME) Characterization of Micro-vibration due to reaction wheel and estimation of isolation requirement for satellite payload.

16. Rohin Moses, (2017, ME) Design optimization of 18 m deep space antenna reflecton.

15. Vaibhav Mittal, (2016, ME) Study on performance evaluation of vibration isolator for satellite and subsystem

14. Rajashaker Reddy (2016, ME) Studies on PZT characterization and performance evaluation in vibration control of beams

13. GuruRaja, D (2015,ME) Studies on Estimation of Aerodynamic damping for typical aerospace vehicles

12. S B M Khaja Moinuddin, (2014,ME) Damage detection in composite beams using extended Modal Parameters

11. Punnetherban, (2014,ME) Design validation of TMD for scaled tapered tall structure

10. Feroz Ahmed(2014,ME) Modal Parameter Identification of closely spaced Modes (Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Hilbert-Huang Transform)

9. Apurba Kumar De, (2013,ME) Electro-Vibratory Deicing Mechanism simulation of isotropic plates

8. D Sarma, 2012, ME) Characterization of PZT patch based impulse hammer for experimental modal analysis

7. Devesh Kumar (2012, ME) Studies on Structural defects in panels with Vibro-Acoustic Response.

6. Kumarguru, S, (2009, ME) Application of shunted PZT’s in vibration and noise alleviation of smart panels

5. Praveen Jinde(2009,ME) Application of PZT’s in active and passive vibration control of flutter

4. Narayan R, (2008, ME)Application of probabilistic models in the design of ceramic radome for a typical high speed airborne vehicle

3. T Prem Kumar (2008,ME) Application of shunted PZTs in vibration control of Avionics LRU mounts

2. Lalith Krishna (2007,ME) Structural health monitoring of composites using vibration signatures

1. Leelavathy Harris (2000,ME) Effect of structural non-linearities on bending-torsion flutter

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