Radhakant Padhi, Ph.D.
Professor, FNAE, FIETE, FIE
Control & Guidance
Email: padhi[at]
Office Phone Number: +91-80-22932756, Lab Phone Number: +91-80-22932757
Office Room Number: 139, Lab Room Number : 140, 143

  • Advance Guidance and Control of Spacecraft in Sun-Earth L1 Halo Orbit

Development of innovative algorithms to solve optimal and nonlinear control synthesis problems, followed by applying those to challenging real-life problems is the main focus of our lab. Techniques developed in our lab so far include model predictive static programming and its various variants, single network adaptive critic, optimal dynamic inversion, generalized dynamic inversion, neuro-adaptive design etc. Application areas in aerospace include guidance and control of missiles, spacecrafts, lunar-lander, aircrafts and UAVs. In bio-medicine, our focus has been computer-controlled automatic drug delivery using feedback control theory and also deciphering the control activities of human brain. The feedback drug delivery philosophy has been demonstrated to work well (from in-silico experiments) to effectively cure various cancer problems. An important current research focus is to develop an adaptive and customized artificial pancreas system for Type-1 diabetic patients. Other problems of interest to our lab include path planning and guidance of ground vehicles, vibration control, temperature control, process control etc

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