IISc Bangalore

Structural Vibration Control (3:0)

AE 241

Introduction to vibration control, passive and active vibration control. Concept of vibration isolation, dynamic vibration absorber, viscoelastic polymers as constrained and unconstrained configuration in passive vibration control. Constitutive modeling of structures with PZTs/PVDF materials, electro restrictive, magneto restrictive and shape memory alloys. Application of PZT patches, PVDF films, electro restrictive, magneto restrictive materials and shape memory alloys (SMA) in structural vibration control.

Text books: 

Nashif D.N., Jones D.I.G. and Henderson J.P., Vibration Damping, John Wiley, New York, 1985. Srinivasan A.V. and McFarlad D.M., Smart Structures: Analysis and Design, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2001. Inman D.J., Vibration with Control, John Wiley, New York, 2006.


S. B. Kandagal

Offering Dates: 

4th week of July to 3rd week of Dec