IISc Bangalore

Space Dynamics and Control (3:0)

AE 261

Elements of orbital mechanics, orbit determination, orbital transfer and Rendezvous, orbital perturbations, station keeping/orbit control. Spacecrafts attitude dynamics, spin stabilization, gravity gradient, dual spin stabilization, three-axis stabilization and control. Attitude Estimation, G P S Systems and Case Studies.

Text books: 

Chobotov V.A., Orbital Mechanics, 3rd Edition, AIAA, 2002. Kaplan M.H., Modern Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, Wiley, 1976. Brown C.D., Spacecrafts Mission Design, AIAA, 2002. Sidi M.J., Spacecrafts Dynamics and Controls, Cambridge University Press, 1997. Bong Wie, Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control, AIAA, 1998.




M. Seetharama Bhat

Offering Dates: 

4th week of July to 3rd week of Dec