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Multi-Body Dynamics using Symbolic Manipulators (3:0)

AE 227

Computer-aided modeling and simulation of 3D motions of multi-body systems. Coupled, multi-body kinematics and dynamics, reference frames, vector differentiation, configuration and motion constraints, holonomicity, generalized speeds, partial velocities and partial angular velocities, Rodrigues parameter, inertia dyadics, parallel axes theorems, angular momentum, generalized forces, energy integrals, momentum integrals, generalized impulses and momentum, exact closed form and approximate numerical solutions. Comparing Newton/Euler, Lagrange and Kane methods. Generation and solution of equations of motion using computer algorithms and software packages from amongst MotionGenesisTM Kane, AUTOLEVTM MATHAMATICA and MATLAB. Overview of flexible multi-body dynamics and applications in aerospace vehicular dynamics.

Text books: 

Kane T. and Levinson D., Dynamics Online: Theory and implementation with AUTOLEVTM, Online Dynamics Inc., Sunnyvale CA USA, 2000.
Mitiguy P., Advanced Dynamics and Motion Simulation, MotionGenesis, San Mateo CA USA, 2008.
Wolfram S., The Mathematica book, Cambridge University Press, 5th Edition, 2003.




Dinesh K. Harursampath

Offering Dates: 

4th week of July to 3rd week of Dec