IISc Bangalore

Linear Control Systems Design (3:0)

AE 260

Review of classical control systems, motivation for modern control design, state space representation of dynamical systems, review of linear algebra and matrix theory, linearization, time response of linear systems in state space form, stability, controllability and observability of linear systems, numerical methods in systems engineering, pole placement control design, pole placement observer design, Lyapunov stability theory for autonomous systems, static optimization, optimal control design. Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) theory and its extensions. An overview of LQ observer and Kalman Filter theory for state estimation.

Text books: 

Nise N. Control Systems Engineering Wiley 4th Ed. 2004. Ogata K. Modern Control Engineering Third Ed. Prentice Hall 1999. Gopal M., Modern Control System Theory, Second Ed., Wiley Eastern Ltd., 1993. Kreyszig E., Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8th Ed., Wiley, 2004. Bryson A.E. and Ho Y-C, Applied Optimal Control, Taylor and Francis, 1975. Nelson R.C., Flight Stability and Automatic Control, McGrawHill, 1989. Current Literature. Lecture Notes.


AE 259 or equivalent. Familiarity with MATLAB


Radhakant Padhi

Offering Dates: 

4th week of July to 3rd week of Dec