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Hypersonic Flow Theory (3:0)

AE 206

Characteristic features of hypersonic flow, basic equations boundary conditions for inviscid flow, shock shapes over bodies, flow over flat plate, flow over a wedge, hypersonic approximations, Prandtl-Meyer flow, axisymmetric flow over a cone. Hypersonic small disturbance theory, applications to flow over a wedge and a cone, blast wave analogy, Newtonian impact theory, Busemann centrifugal correction and shock expansion method, tangent cone and tangent wedge methods. Introduction to viscous flows, hypersonic boundary layers, and non-equilibrium high enthalpy flows. Introduction to high enthalpy impulse test facilities and instrumentation. Introduction to computational fluid mechanics techniques for hypersonic flows and methods of generating experimental data for numerical code validation at hypersonic Mach numbers in hypervelocity facilities.

Text books: 

Cherynl C.G., Introduction to Hypersonic flow, Academic Press, 1961.
Hayes W.D. and Problein R.F., Hypersonic Flow Theory, Academic Press, 1959.
Cox R.N. and Crabtree L.P., Elements of Hypersonic Aerodynamics, 1965.


AE 204, AE 210


K. P. J. Reddy and G. Jagadeesh

Offering Dates: 

4th week of July to 3rd week of Dec