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Cooperative Control with Aerospace Applications (3:0)

AE 362

Introduction to cooperative control, mathematical preliminaries: Algebraic graph theory, Matrices for cooperative control, stability of formations. Consensus algorithms, consensus for single and double integrator dynamics, consensus in position, direction, and attitude dynamics. Distributed multi-vehicular cooperative control; Generalized cyclic pursuit; Spacecraft formation flying. UAV applications in search, coverage, and surveillance of large areas, and in monitoring and controlling of hazards; Routing and path planning of UAVs; Role of communication. Operation in uncertain environments and uncertainty.

Text books: 

Shamma J(ed) Cooperative Control of Distributed Multi-Agent Systems John Wiley 2008.
Qu Z., Cooperative Control of Dynamical Systems, Springer Verlag, 2009.
Ren W. and Beard R., Distributed Consensus in Multi-vehicle Cooperative Control: Theory and Applications, Springer, 2007.
Rasmussen S. and Shima T(Eds), UAV Cooperative Decision and Control: Challenges and Practical Approaches, SIAM Publications, 2008.
Current Literature.


D. Ghose

Offering Dates: 

4th week of July to 3rd week of Dec