Testimony from old students

My connections with Prof. Padhi goes back to 2003, when he joined the faculty of Aerospace Engg, and I joined Civil Engg., Department as an MS Student. I took Design and Synthesis of Linear Control System with Prof. Padhi. The course helped me shape up my research directions and then I continued taking follow-on courses in control systems with him.

We started working together on control of distributed parameter system, which continues to be my active area of research. Later, after submitting my thesis I joined as a Research Associate in his lab, working on control of biomedical systems. Prof. Padhi’s lab is a multi-faced and I developed a lot of knowledge in different area of research. I also made good friends, who are now faculty at different IITs.

Prof. Padhi has been a constant support to me and always gave necessary advices in time of need. If I have to pick two, I have learnt ‘tenacity to work’ and ‘no compromise to good work’ from him and these still help me as a faculty in Applied Mechanics, IITM.

Dr. Shaikh Faruque ALI

Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai 600 036

I started my journey in this lab as a course student. My first journal paper is from this lab, which came out of Prof Padhi’s course. It just boosted my confidence in pursuing challenging research problems and never looked back. Thanks to the lab which made me realize what I am.

Gurunath Gurrala,

Assistant professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IISc Bangalore

I am Dr PRIYA G DAS, old Ph D student of Dr. Radhakant Padhi. I am working as a Professor(NC) in one of the aided college in Kerala(EEE dept,NSS College of Engineering ,Palakkad,Kerala)

I joined IISc for Ph D programme in Aero space department under quality improvement programme under the guidance of Dr.Radhakant Padhi   As i started my research after 10 years of my teaching experience in one of the premier institute in Kerala. My professor was highly motivating and engages in high quality work and hence i got an excellent exposure to research. He was a pillar of strength and a constant motivator for all the four years I spend in the lab. Several new things are learnt from our own projects. Work is very challenging because you are often working with and against the art software and we have to work mostly our own. Sleepless nights were there but mostly worth the effort in terms of learning and of course high pressure periods were followed by days where going was easy. I cannot count how many times my peers have helped me with new techniques, innovative ideas and new softwares . They have explained topics to me. They are also humble and tolerant of failures. There is an acceptance if you struggle with the courses and research. No one judges you harshly for failures. What I enjoyed the most is the rapport with all the project assistants at the department I had a great time. The mess food was good but if it does not interest my palate, I recollect having enjoyed a lot of good meals outside with my professor & colleques.

Priya G Das


I worked with you as project assistant between the term of 2007 and 2008. My first couple of months were enlightening and challenging. I would have to say, time at your lab gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the applications of Linear Algebra. During my time at IISc, I worked on a couple of projects. Started off by applying the then newly studied dynamic control techniques in combination with neural networks to improve the attitude control for nano-satellites. In collaboration wth Arnab and Amit developed control guidance algorithm for an airbreathing engine. Which I remember to be one of the challenging projects and incredibly interesting thing I worked on.

Aftermath to my term in IISc, I went on to pursue masters in experimental aerodynamics at Univeristy of Toronto. I graduated in 2011 and have been working ever since with MDS Aero Support, one of the global leaders in gas turbine engine test cell design.  Multi disciplined knowledge has thus far helped my career to a great extent.

Jagannath Rajasekaran

At lab, I enjoyed a rich experience of fundamental research of modern algorithms, blend of both mathematical and computational, in the field of Optimal and Adaptive Control. Further, Prof. Padhi enables lab research in the direction to address the current industry problems

Pradeep Reddy Ambati

My association with Professor Radhakant Padhi’s goes back to year 2009 when I worked under his guidance as a Research Associate. I can safely say that my baptism in the world of serious research took place under his guidance. I enjoyed and witnessed my own growth as a researcher in a quick time. Still to this date, I look back and draw inspiration in terms of benchmarking my current and future work against my work at IISC with Professor Padhi. I look forward to continuing the collaboration and keeping in touch with this active research lab. Best wishes to Professor Padhi and the lab mates!

Harshal oza

I work as research and development engineer at Airbus Helicopters specializing in cockpit avionics, flight guidance and air traffic management. The research experience I gained at Prof. Padhi’s lab has given me a strong foundation in flight physics, control theory and the art of scientific writing. On this basis I have subsequently built my area of expertise in the aerospace industry.

link to my LinkedIn profile:

Omkar Halbe

I worked at Control & Guidance lab as Project Associate from Feb 2010 to Nov 2010. This was my first job and I learned a lot specially the practical applications of Control theory, Flight Dynamics and Kalman Filters. With this experience from IISc, I got my next job as Aircraft Systems Simulation Engineer at CAE (Canadian Aviation Electronics), which is a Aircraft Simulator Manufacturer. I worked on Simulation of Flight Control Surfaces, Hydraulics and Fuel Systems. The MATLAB coding and good understanding of Flight Dynamics (both of which I learned at Dr. Padhi’s Lab) made my job a lot easier and helped me excel at it as well. Later I worked at MBRDI (Mercedes Benz Research & Development, India) as Systems Engineer where I worked on Active Safety Functions Development. This includes Lane Keeping Assistance, Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot Monitoring and Active Cruise Control. All of these systems use Kalman Filters extensively, so lessons learned at Control & Guidance Lab about Kalman Filtering help me again here.

Ankush Gupta

I am a Masters student at ISAE Supaero, Toulouse specializing in Aircraft Systems and Controls. I worked on a nonlinear differential geometric guidance scheme for autonomous formation flying of unmanned aerial vehicles and on a nonlinear guidance scheme to design a controller for hypersonic vehicle during my stay in the Lab. My experience at Prof. Padhi’s lab intensified my interest in Guidance and Controls of Aerospace Vehicles that made me pursue my studies in the same field. Pursuing my interests, I am now working on the Attitude and Determination Control System for a cubesat. This oppurtunity was an ideal stepping stone for me to explore my interests in-depth and increase my knowledge in the filed

Arti Kalra

During my M.E project, I worked under Prof. Padhi.

The challenging problem of implementing TMPSP control method to a real autonomous mobile robot and demonstration of its implement-ability​ has given me an immense opportunity to get hands-on experience on simulating and experimenting with real hardware.

Prof. Padhi and other lab members greatly supported me during the work because of which I was able to resolve many hardware issues and finish work on time.

For the first time  I got an opportunity to get exposed to international scientific community through the conference and journal papers, while working in this lab.

Currently, I launched an online learning portal for Aerospace Engineering students (GATE AeroVision ) and working for it.

Bhavya anoohya B

I have been enrolled for PhD in Guidance and Control stream of Aerospace Engineering Department , Indian Institute of Science under External Registration program. I have carried out my research activities on “Robust Control and Guidance of UAVs for Autonomous Landing and Collision Avoidance with Stereovision Sensing ” under the able  guidance of Prof. Radhakant Padhi and Dr. Vijay V Patel . I express my gratitude towards both of  my guides for their consistent support and encouragement throughout my journey. They have been kind enough to spare their valuable time and energy whenever I have asked for it. Prof. Radhakant Padhi always motivated me to stretch your limits by taking more challenges and redefining what is possible.

I must admit that it has been a great journey. I have learned a lot of skills in programming which is an important tool for research. I have gained a rich experience and knowledge from Prof. Radhakant Padhi. I have been fortunate to be associated with Integrated Control Guidance and Estimation Laboratory (IGCEL) where I spent a lot of time for research progress meetings, technical presentations and discussions. I have also got great support from lab mates in terms of unbiased analysis of my work and providing critical observations about my research.  I express my gratitude towards all my lab mates.



I first heard about Dr. Padhi’s research from starting to work on Adaptive Critic Research as a part of NASA’s Integrated Resilient Adaptive Control team at Wichita State University’s Aerospace Engineering Dept, as a graduate student. I was very excited about his Ph.D. dissertation work on Single Network Adaptive Critic (SNAC) and I attempted to reproduce a small part of his dissertation, in an attempt to understand the working of SNAC. I hit a small bump along the way and I contacted Dr. Padhi and shared my interest and roadblock with him. After a few conversations, he invited me to work at his Lab at IISc, Bangalore, during the summer of 2010. He advised me during the entire summer despite being busy with his own students. I worked really hard that summer all because of the encouragement I received from him during my time at IISc.

I had enough results to publish my first conference paper by the end of just one summer with Dr. Padhi. That is how encouraging and dedicated he is towards his students. In just about two years after meeting him, with the guidance of my professors at Wichita State University, and with the great push I had with my research during Summer 2010, I received my Ph.D. in Electrical engineering in May of 2012. The Icing on the cake was receiving the Dora Wallace Hodgson Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, which is awarded to one dissertation from all the Dept.s at the University, selected by the Graduate School and awarded by the President of the University.

We have published a few papers together and I owe them partly to the dedicated and timely advice I received from Dr. Padhi. I look forward to collaborating with him and his students soon.

Geetha Bhargava

It is always a pleasure to write about the adventure of my PhD journey with you. It has been a great experience to pursue a PhD under your supervision. It was not easy for me to solve problems at the beginning. But you made me believe that I could do it. I remember your support to solve many issues, both academic and personal.  You helped me to overcome the struggles in research. I am inspired by your energetic approach to deal with critical research problems.

I always experienced a friendly lab environment for research. The weekly meeting was an excellent platform to correct my mistakes, and it helped me to express myself to the outer world. I have a lot of excellent memories, including lab trips, workshops, birthday celebrations, and lab treats. I feel these are inseparable parts of research, and you encouraged these events. I always miss those days of my life. It was a great journey and always will be. I feel lucky to have you as my supervisor.

Sabyasachi Mondal

Sabyasachi Mondal

My association with professor Radhakant Padhi and his lab began in 2014 when I was just beginning to get into research in control. Having learned control theory from a purely mathematical perspective, I was keen on applying it to real-world engineering and scientific problems. Prof. Padhi’s course on ‘applied nonlinear control’ was the perfect arena for me to do just that. In the course, I was introduced to several aspects of flight and missile dynamics in the context of control design techniques, and towards the end, I was introduced to distributed parameter control systems, a field in which I published my first paper, also with Prof. Padhi. My interests later moved towards unmanned aerial vehicles, and Prof. Padhi supported this by procuring two quadrotors and putting together a team, including me to work on autonomous guidance. This was my first excursion into real applied control, and later I independently cultivated this interest to a large extent and explored other VTOL vehicles. This lead to a substantial part of my thesis. Another very important connection that was possible with the help of Prof. Padhi was with the controls group at ISAC/ISRO Bangalore, with whom I worked on robust/adaptive attitude control laws and ultimately published a paper, jointly with Prof. Padhi.

The experience I had with his lab has enabled me in cultivating my interest in UAVs towards opening up several research opportunities in VTOL UAVs, helicopters as well as underwater robotics, and most importantly generated the drive to unify mathematical control theory with practical control system design.

Ashutosh Simha

Ashutosh Simha