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Joseph Mathew

Email: joseph[at]iisc.ac.in
Office Phone Number: +91-80-2293 3027
Lab Phone Number: +91-80-2293 3044
Office Room Number: AE206
Lab Room Number : AE211



Ph.D. Mechanical Engg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA 1990
M.S. Mechanical Engg, University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla USA 1986
B.Tech. Mechanical Engg, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 1984


  • Research Associate, ICOMP at NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH USA Sept 1990–Aug 1992
  • Fellow, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore Nov 1992–July 1992
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering July 1992–
  • Senior Research Associate, The National Academies, USA at Air Force Research Laboratory, WPAFB, OH, USA Sept 2004–Nov 2005
  • Visiting Professor, Technische Universitaet Muenchen.  Several times 2000-2006.

Research Interests

Fluid mechanics, Turbulence Turbulent flow computations, especially Large Eddy Simulation Aeroacoustics, Combustion, Flow design


There are no internship openings for 1st/2nd year undergraduate students.

There are no openings for students enrolled elsewhere for undertaking thesis/project work in my lab.  If your institution has an MOU with IISc a period of residence for joint supervision can be considered.


Research Statement

Nonlinear phenomena in fluid mechanics

Current research topics

  • Understanding LES for applications such as aeroacoustics, combustion (non-premixed, sprays), compressor off-design conditions involving transition, separation. Compressible or variable density flows.
  • CFD methods for LES of flow in complex geometry.
  • Adjoint method computations.
  • Transitions (laminar-turbulent, turbulent-turbulent).
  • Mechanistic understanding of phenomena such as turbulent entrainment, features of the turbulent-nonturbulent interface.

Consulting Activities

  • Advice on CFD for circuit breakers, BHEL
  • RANS/LES studies of diffusers, Pratt & Whitney, UTC, USA
  • Advice on CFD for Blast furnace operations, pneumatic conveying L&T

Current Projects

Structure of last stages of turbulent transition

Halo from azimuthal instability of vortex ring

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  • T N Venkatesh, PhD 2003. A vortex merger theory for tropical cyclone genesis.
  • A T Sriram, PhD 2003. Numerical simulations of transverse injection of plane and circular sonic jets into turbulent supersonic crossflows.
  • Saugata Chakravorty, Phd 2010. On large eddy simulation of reacting flows using the explicit filtering method with a filtered mass density function.
  • Manu K V, PhD 2013. Experiments on the late stages of boundary layer transition. Co-supervisor: Prof. J. Dey.
  • Subramanian G, PhD 2014. Large eddy simulation of free and impinging subsonic jets and their sound fields.
  • Sri Vallabha Deevi, PhD 2015. Large eddy simulation of multiphase flows.
  • Sumit Kumar Patel, PhD 2019 Adaptive filtering for large eddy simulation of flows with shocks and its application to launch pad deflectors
  • Pradeep M, PhD 2019 Bubble and conical forms of vortex breakdown in swirling jets
  • S. Anjum Haider Rizvi, PhD student
  • Taye Melaku Tadesse, PhD student
  • M S R Chandra Murty, PhD student
  • B V Subrahmanyam, PhD student
  • Naveen B, PhD student
  • Arup Das, MSc(Engg), 1998. A direct simulation study of turbulent spots in Couette flows with pressure gradients.
  • Saugata Chakravorty, MSc(Engg), 2000. A numerical study on absolute instability of low density jets.
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  • Shankar kumar B., MSc(Engg), 2008. A study of a vortex particle method for vortex breakdown phenomena.
  • M. Pradeep, MSc(Engg), 2011. Experimental study of plasma actuator characteristics and optimization of configuration. Co-supervisors: Prof. Joy Thomas, Prof. Kartik Venkatraman.
  • Manu S Kamin, MSc(Engg), 2017. A numerical study of changes to flow organization and their prognostic measures.