Gopalan Jagadeesh

Chairman, Centre for Excellence in Hypersonics
PrattWhitney Chair Professor

Current Research

Research Highlights

Sriram, R., Srinath, L., Devaraj, M. K. K., & Jagadeesh, G. (2016). On the length scales of hypersonic shock-induced large separation bubbles near leading edges. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 806, 304-355.

Gnanadhas, D. P., Elango, M., Janardhanraj, S., Srinandan, C. S., Datey, A., Strugnell, R. A., Jagadeesh, G., & Chakravortty, D. (2015). Successful treatment of biofilm infections using shock waves combined with antibiotic therapy. Scientific reports, 5.

Karthick, S. K., Rao, S. M. V., Jagadeesh, G., Reddy, K. P. J. (2017), Passive scalar mixing studies to identify the mixing length in a supersonic confined jet, Experiments in Fluids, 58(5), 59

Bisht, A., Ray, N., Jagadeesh, G., Suwas, S. (2017), Micro-structural and crystallographic response of shock loaded pure copper, Journal of Materials Research, 1-15